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  •  Buy Role playing games - PZO3027 GAMEMASTERY ITEM CARDS: REIGN OF WINTER

    The mysterious magic of the North is yours to claim in this treasury of arctic arcana. Among these chilling curiosities wait the most important items from the Reign of Winter Adventure Path. Each of this set’s 54 beautifully illustrated, full-color cards includes space on the back to add notes for ...

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  •  Buy Role playing games - PZO9005 PATHFINDER 05: SINS OF THE SAVIORS (NM)

    Chapter 5: "Sins of the Saviors"by Stephen S. Greer   After defeating the giants of Mokmurian, the heroes discover that Karzoug, an ancient wizard from the long-dead empire of Thassilon, has returned to life. From his city fortress of Xin-Shalast high in the mountains, he has been using the giants ...

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