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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - PULP CITY: SENTRY BOTS

    Sentry Bots are Supreme’s best Mechanical friends! As Minions, they provide some extra cheap firepower, while a special card with an upgrade to Advanced Sentry Bot allows any teams with Heavy Metal Supremes to field a really tough and versatile soldier. The expansion pack includes 2 miniatures and 1 card.

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    • 10.00€
  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - STYGMATA: LE JEU DE ROLE DANS L'UNIVERS D'EDEN

    RPG in the world of EDEN.     

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    • 45.00€
  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - KRYOMEK (VG)

    136 pages rulebooks with gaming aids allowing to simulate wargaming with miniatures in a futurist world.

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    • 8.00€
  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - NO08 KRYOMEK: NEXUS SWAT TEAM HEAVY WEAPONS (SW)

    Blister of 2 miniature(s) for the miniature game KRYOMEK. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.30mm scale metal miniatures.

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    • 6.00€