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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - MC01 MUTANT CHRONICLES BOITE DE BASE (SW)

    Discounted product by the publisher, price was 30 euros TTC.Complete starter for the miniature boardgame based on the Mutant Chronicles universe.Include 6 plastic prepainted 54mm miniatures, rules, 98 unit cards and command cards, a reversible battlemat and special dice.

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - COTA01 HUNTERS UNIT BOX (SW)

    This Unit Box contains a unit of two Hunters for the Cog army, including a leader and an infantry man, accompanied by a card summarizing their reference profile.Hunters, the first rank three Cog infantry, are both versatile and resilient fighters. They area combination of AFV and Tacarms. They can face ...

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - MC04 PACK GOLEM OF ICE (SW)

    A creature of colossal proportions, this Ilian fighter is the perfect answer to your close-combat needs.  Armed with enormous blades, the Golem of Ice not only can tear its enemies apart, but torment them with frigid tactics will have it's enemies frozen in terror. Golem of Ice contains: Golem ...

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - AT-43: TACTICS

    Operation Damocles is about to change the fate of the galaxy. Most battles involve legions of soldiers, cohorts of mechanized servants and thousands of gigantic robots. However While AT-43 stages epic battles for the galactic supremacy, AT-43 Tactics gives life to the destiny of these anonymous soldiers who struggle each ...

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