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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - MC01 MUTANT CHRONICLES BOITE DE BASE (SW)

    Discounted product by the publisher, price was 30 euros TTC.Complete starter for the miniature boardgame based on the Mutant Chronicles universe.Include 6 plastic prepainted 54mm miniatures, rules, 98 unit cards and command cards, a reversible battlemat and special dice.

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    • 10.00€
  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - AT-43: ARMY BOOK KARMANS DEUTSCH (NM)

    This rulebook contains, in 64 full color pages, all for playing Karmans in AT-43. 

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    • 5.00€
  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - ION3001 FIREFIGHT (SW)

    rulebook for a miniature wargame taking place in the future.All counters unpunched...

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    • 3.00€
  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - HFUN04 UNSC FLEET BOX (SW)

    Box of 36 miniature(s) for the game HALO FLEET BATTLES. Miniatures in resin and metal, are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.    

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    • 50.00€