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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - MEDUSA PLAYING CARDS DECK ANIMA TACTICS

    Empty box for miniatures for the tactical miniature game Anima Tactics.

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - WFRE04 VESTALS UNIT BOX (SW)

    This Unit Box contains four miniatures for the Wolf army.Vestals have a high movement value. They are bound to make your opponent sweat if he doesn’t keep an eye on them. Adding the fighters from the Attachment Box: Vestals /WFRE05 considerably increases their efficiency while protecting them from wounds and ...

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - SCEL03 HYBRIDS ALPHA ATTACHMENT BOX (SW)

    This Attachment Box contains three miniatures for the Scorpion army. It completes the Unit Box: Hybrids Alpha/SCEL04 by adding a neuromancer and two acolytes to Hybrid alpha units. The neuromancer provides a spell, the acolytes reinforce the Gift of the Scorpion.The history, the artifact and the special abilities of the ...

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - CONFRONTATION 4 ARMY BOX: WOLFEN (SW)

    The Wolf army represents the Destiny of Aarklash in its most beastly form: savage, free and wild. Their fangs, claws and huge blades are dreadful weapon, but hardly as frightening as the terror they inspire to their enemies’ heart! This Wolfen Army Box provides a ready to play army worth ...

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