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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - MC01 MUTANT CHRONICLES BOITE DE BASE (SW)

    Discounted product by the publisher, price was 30 euros TTC.Complete starter for the miniature boardgame based on the Mutant Chronicles universe.Include 6 plastic prepainted 54mm miniatures, rules, 98 unit cards and command cards, a reversible battlemat and special dice.

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - CFAC04U CONFRONTATION AGE OF RAG'NAROK: STARTER SET VO

    Confrontation: The Age of the Rag´narok is the fourth edition of the well-known fantastic battle game. The game rules, adapted to a universe where every nation is fighting to prevail in the ultimate battle, are intuitive and quick to learn. They come with a mini-campaign of six scenarios to discover ...

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - WFEL08 SYLVAN ANIMAE UNIT BOX

    This Unit Box contains six miniatures for the Wolf army.Sylvan animaes are flying characters bringing more flexibility to the Wolf army. They can lure the enemy and rush objectives in a flash. Combined to shadow trackers/WFEL07, they form a surprising attack force. Assembled and painted miniatures.Number of miniature(s):  6Number of ...

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  •  Buy Miniatures games & wargames - WFRE02 FANGS UNIT BOX

    “In battle, there are only two possibilities. Vanquish to become stronger or else die, taking with you as many enemies as possible to avoid disgrace.” Fangs are the backbone of a wolfen company. With of their formidable strength, they do not hesitate to run into the heart of battle and ...

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