LUDIKBAZAR rewards its faithful customers

A very simple system: all your orders are added & when a specific point is reached, you are intitled to a new grade allowing you discounts on the whole site.

*( except items subject to the Lang law such as new role playing games, some special operations & some products the selling prices of which are as cheap as possible).

This system is automatic, and at each connection it mentions your grade as well as the referring discounts.

The credits are not automatics, please contact us in order to update your account balance.

Orders on the Ludikbazar site will be accounted only. There is no retroaction.

Presentation of the various grades:

Bronze: base grade for each customer

Silver: reached for 100€ of added purchases: 5% discount on site.

Gold: reached for 250€ of added purchases: 8% discount on site.

Rubis: reached for 500€ of added purchases: 10% discount on site.

Diamant: reached for 1000€ of added purchases: 10% discount on site + 15€ credit.

Mithril: reached for 2000€ of added purchases: 10% discount on site + 25€ credit.

Star: reached for 5000€ of added purchases: 10% discount on site + 30€ credit.

Ultimate: reached for 10000€ of added purchases: 10% discount on site + 50€ credit.

Titan: reached for 15000€ of added purchases: 1310 discount on site + 50€ credit.


It is not time-limited.

Ludikbazar reserves itself the right to close this operation without warning. (malpractice or technical hazards)


You may have gained a credit thanks to your changing of status, selling sales goods or anything else.

They are automatically taken in account, they are discounted whatever payment you choose to make