General conditions


Coordonnées :

Editeur du site : SAS LUDIKBAY, immatriculée au RCS de BOURG EN BRESSE sous le numéro 797 522 315 000 10, dont le siège social sise 14 rue Victor Hugo 01100 Oyonnax - FRANCE.

Adresse E-mail : contact(at)
Siren: 797 522 315
N° de TVA intracommunautaire : FR71797522315
Téléphone : +33 (0) 4 74 77 94 16
Responsable de la rédaction : M. Piotr BOROWSKI

Hébergeur du site Internet : VISUAL CYGNE S. à R.L., 34 RUE SIMART 75018 PARIS – France.
Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 42 57 93 29

Numéros de déclarations CNIL du site Internet : 1247438, 1247439, 1247440.

Article 1 :
All pictures, products and companies names displayed on this website are copyright. Most of the pictures used in this website come from our computer devices and reflect the general condition of the items.

Article 2 :
All prices are in EUROS (all taxes include). We can change prices at any time, but the price defined during the purchase process cannot be modified and should be considered as a contract by both sides.

Article 3 : PAYMENT

3-1 : We accept money orders, personal checks, paypal (no fees), international orders and credit cards (we used Credit Mutuel Cybermut system).

You can pay through the website or through postal ways, sending your payment to:
A l'attention de BOROWSKI PIOTR
14 rue victor hugo
01100 Oyonnax


3-2 : All payment should be done in Euros. (Whatever is your home country and currency).

3-3 : A purchase without payment will be cancelled in 15 days. (In case of a money order from international source, this cancellation period will be of 30 days).

3-4 : At reception you have a refund right of 7 days, you can send back any product without any justification. The shipping cost will be at your charge. Any damaged, altered or modified in any way will not be refund.

3-5 : All purchase realised mean the acceptation of all these terms.

3-6 : Our responsibility cannot be engaged in the case if an error occur due to the presentation of our products in our website, the pictures and descriptions of our products are not considered as a contract.


To France:
We used a weight based system allowing to give realistic shipping cost.
To international: We have to calculate appropriate shipping cost depending of Country and method chosen by the customer.  We should not be responsible of any loss packet if no tracking method or insurance will be taken.
French customers: If your purchase go over 75 euros, shipping fees are offered.
International customers: For a big deal, we always try to give some reductions or some gifts.