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  •  Buy Boardgames - CONAN: LE JEU DE CARTES (SW)

    Discounted product by the publisher, public price was 21 euros TTC.In Conan : Le Jeu de Cartes, you undertake the perilous adventures and brave many challenges and dangers inherent in the life of an adventurer. You explore unexplored places, fight monsters and traps. You confront the dark and mysterious magic. ...

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    • 6.00€
  •  Buy Boardgames - ROCKBAND MANAGER

    In this card based game, players will have to build a Rock band and try to become the new star of the music.  

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    • 5.00€
  •  Buy Boardgames - LE SIECLE D'OR (SW)

    Boardgame for 3 to 4 taking place in Rennaissance Netherlands.

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    • 16.00€
  •  Buy Boardgames - DELUGES (SW)

    20 000 BC, Earth knows the end of an ice age, characterized by a meltdown and a major rising waters. During this period, which ends around 6 000 BC, the sea level rises of almost 130 meters. Déluges uses the theme of the global warming and offers to play a ...

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    • 12.00€