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    Card based game for 2-5 players taking place in the comic strip Sillage universe.

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    • 5.00€
  •  Buy Boardgames - ANIMA: GUILTY GODS (SW)

    In this card based game players will have to build their team of avatars and fight another team.For 2 playersAge: 12+playing time: 10-20 minutes

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    • 7.50€
  •  Buy Boardgames - ANDOR (EX)

    ANDOR is a boardgame of fantasy adventures.Players: 2 to 4Age: 10+Time: 75 min  

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  •  Buy Boardgames - PIONEERS ABIME (SW)

    In a game of Pioneers, the players attempt to populate the cities shown on the game board with their pioneers, using coaches to transport them around the map. Each pioneer has a specific profession, and can only be settled in a city where their work is needed. After all the ...

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